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Russian «RADIO» RTTY WW Contest

Russian «RADIO» RTTY WW Contest

Starting 2004 this contest is moved to the first Saturday of September, contest period is decreased to 24 hours, contest logs are simplified and SOSB entry terms are clarified. Other contest rules are the same as they were for previous years. Please modify your contest calendar!

Date: 00.00 – 24.00 UTC September 3, 2016

Bands: 10 – 80 meters, no WARC bands.

Mode: RTTY, one contact with same station on each band is permitted.

Entry: single OP – all bands, single OP – single band, multi OP – all bands – single TX, SWL. Single OP – single band stations may operate during contest on all bands and claim score only for one band. Contest exchange: Russian stations – RST plus two letters (oblast designator), all others – RST plus WAZ zone.

Points: 5 points for QSO inside own continent, 10 for contacts outside own continent.

Multiplier: Each Russian oblast and DXCC country give 1 point for multiplier on each band.

Score: The sum of QSO points is multiplied by the sum of multiplier points to obtain the final contest score.

Log: Cabrillo format logs are preferred but other ASCII logs are acceptable too. No dupe or multiplier lists are now required. E-mail address is contest@radio.ru . Logs may be also uploaded via ua9qcq.com interface. Please send logs as attachment and include your call-sign in «Subject» field. Address for paper logs is: «Radio» Magazine, Seliverstov per. 10, 107045 Moscow, Russia. The deadline for logs is September 18, 2016 (postmarked).

Awards: The SOAB winner will be awarded with medal, MOAB winner – with plaque. Additional medals for SOSB entries may be issued if contest activity returns. Their runners up (2nd and 3d place) will be awarded with contest certificates.






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