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Date. December, 18 (21 to 23 UTC). There are two rounds: the first one – 21 to 22 UTC, the second one – 22 to 23 UTC.

Band. 160 meters.

Modes. CW and FONE.

Participants. Hams from Europa and Asia (restricted by Contest exchange grid). DX stations outside of these continents are also invited – see details in Contest exchange paragraph.

Entry classes. Single operator (youth – born 1990 or later), Single operator (all others), Multi operator (youth – all op born 1990 or later), Multi operator (all others). Mode entries – MIXED and CW.

Valid QSO. All, including own QTH. QSO with the same station is allowed in different rounds and in the same round but different mode.

Exchange. RS(ф) and consecutive QSO numbers beginning with 001. In each round QSO numbers begin with 001. In addition to exchange some information is sent (via slash). It is a conventional sign of station location («square», but not WW locator «square»).

These «squares» are formed by parallels and meridians in 10 degrees steps. They are designated by a letter (longitude) and a figure (latitude). Stations between 10 W (West) and 0 (Greenwich) use letter X, between 0 and 20 E – letter Y, between 10 and 20 E – letter Z, between 20 and 30 E – letter A, between 30 and 40 E – letter B and so on increasing up to letter Q (between 180 degrees W/E and 170 W). Stations located North of 80 N use figure 1, between 70 Й 80 N – figure 2 and so on. Example – according to this grid most of the Great Britain is located inside X4 «square» and exchange from this part of the country is like 599001/X4. The map shows grid for Europe and Asia as well as points sample for E4 square (http://www.radio.ru/cq/contest/rule/map-2-full.gif).

Stations outside Europe and Asia use simple designator – DX (599001/DX etc).

Points. Each QSO inside own square scores 1 point, with adjacent squares – 2 points, next to adjacent – 3 points etc. Each QSO DX station scores 30 points. No multiplier is used in this Contest. Final score is a sum of points for both rounds. Not much contest programs can calculate a score. It is not a problem – the Contest Board will do that.

Awards. Winners will receive plaques (MULTI OP) and medals (SINGLE OP). Winners by countries and Russia regions will receive «Radio» Magazine awards.

Logs. Address for electronic cabrillo logs is contest@radio.ru . Please send your log as an attachment to your letter and write RADIO-160 and your CALL in subject field of your letter. For paper logs the address is «Radio» Magazine, 10 Seliverstov per., 107045 Moscow, Russia. Deadline for logs is January 19, 2010.





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